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Weekend Events

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This thread is dedicated to inform you on what we plan to host every weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sundays). Some days other Moderators & Server Supports will be accompanying me during these times.

PvP Tournaments 

  • I'll try to have at least 1-2 PVP tournaments per weekend. They can contain each of the following: Dharoks, Hybridding, F2P, Welfare Melee and No Armour fights.
  • There will be a sign up 1 day before the tournament begins so i'll be able to organize brackets (using 
  • Location, gear requirements and rules will be listed on the thread when the time has come.

PvM Tournaments

  • The PvM Tournament will be you'll have 24 hours to obtain any loot that has been yelled as a rare drop. Whoever gets the most amount of PvM drops will be the victor of this tournament. *More information will be given once a proper topic has been made.

HP Tournaments

  • This tournament will contain an Administrator+ setting their HP to an 'x' amount, the player who deals the most damage will claim the prize(s).
  • This tournament will be hosted in the Wilderness in a multi-combat zone, bring only what you can afford to lose.

Loot Crate

  • This is an event where we will all meet in Falador for a drop party that can contain up to 200m in prizes. These events are hosted by Administrator+ on special occasions.

Hide & Seek

  • Myself or any other staff in the game will handle a Hide and Seek that will contain some great prizes. We'll give you hints and your objective is to find out our location that could be anywhere on Empire. 


  • Myself or any other staff in the game will be hosting a Trivia. You will be asked questions about Empire and ONLY Empire. It can go anywhere from being in-game related or possibly something that occurs often in the Empire Discord. (Empire Discord for those who don't have it

Clan Wars Tournament

  • Players will be split into teams and fight it out in a best of 3 event.
  • This is a PvP event in multi combat.
  • Items are safe during this event.

Pest Control

  • An Administrator+ will have Pest Control points doubled each time you finish a game.
  • This event will occur randomly during the weekends.

Nightmare Zone 

  • An Administrator+ will have Nightmare Zone Points double each time you finish a game.
  • This event will occur randomly during the weekends.

Kind Regards,
Empire Moderator.

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