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Is the server reset? Are my items gone?
No, if you played Zonica none of your items will be missing. Stats & Bank will stay the same.

Why did you name change?
We have decided to name change to move on from any negative vibes that have come along with the server. We believe in fresh starts and new beginnings, so this is the best opportunity for us to move on from the past and embrace the future.

Is this the Alotic source?
This is indeed the Alotic source that has been passed down to 24th to surpass Alotic.

I was jailed and muted previously on Zonica. Does that mean I can get them revoked on Empire?
We do believe in second chances, so at this point we will be un-jailing and un-muting people when the server does release. The only way you can be un-jailed or un-muted is if you make an appeal here.

My client is small, how can I fix this?
View this thread on how to fix it.

I'd want to donate with RSGP (OSRS or RS3) how can I get around of doing this?
You can contact Logic or Eclipse in-game or in our public discord.

How can I filter my chat and yell?



Are Donator ranks available to get?

Currently not at the moment, but will be added eventually.


How can I achieve a YouTube rank in-game and in discord?

Currently at the moment we don't have any set requirements for YouTuber's other than them having deals with us to produce content. Eventually soon enough, we'll have set requirements so people can achieve the rank.


- More to be added.



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