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Membership / Donator Benefits (2018)

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Empire functions on the basis of providing members with the possibility of purchasing a membership that expires after (30) days. This rank can be obtainable with purchasing store credits 

Members can purchase 'credits' that can be traded ingame resulting in the ability of those who cannot physically donate or purchase membership to purchase it in means of trading players EGP ingame. Please be advised that the terms and conditions in regards to the blackmarket are heavily subjected to this form of trade between our players, please be reminded that we do not allow any type of trade that involves the utilization of sources outside of Empire (Paypal, rsgp, 07gp/RS3gp etc.) We offer multiple methods of payment which can be found


Membership benefits

  • Increased amount of wilderness points gained from skilling/pking.
  • A chance of preserving glory charges.
  • Ability to use bones on altars for increased prayer xp.
  • Additional time added towards degradeable items.
  • A 25% chance of receiving a noted dragon bone instead of a regular form from any dragon.
  • Increased money gained from caskets to 80-120k.
  • Ability to start Fight Caves at wave 30.
  • 1/10 chance of receiving a defender instead of 1/20
  • keep an extra item on death! (outside the wilderness only)
  • Double Pest Control points
  • 1/4 chance of receiving a barrows item instead of a 1/6
  • 1/400 chance of receiving VERY RARE loot from barrows instead of 1/500
  • 50% chance of receiving a birds nest from woodcutting instead of 10%
  • Receive an extra phoenix feather from hunter
  • 30% Wilderness Point increase for kills
  • 20% chance to keep your frozen key in godwars (when using on the door)
  •  Instanced godwars bosses
  • Ability to have pets (such as cats, 'boss pets are f2p' store will be added soon)
  • Nightmare zone points increase by 1.25x

*Benefits and conditions are subject to change

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