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  1. I prefer weekly because it gives you a chance to finish them properly and not to push updates that aren't tested etc.
  2. Hello, 6ix here

    Welcome friend! we look forward to seeing you in game.
  3. IRONMAN #2 $20 winner

    Fix link please I look forward to seeing it.
  4. Eco Reset

    Locked to prevent spam as there was an eco reset.
  5. Hello Server!

    Glad to have you back! Enjoy your stay
  6. Additional content

    Fair points! I agree that it's already risky but the rewards are pretty good and it would add a bit extra to the risk It would make people have to think about what invent they have and banking times more.
  7. Additional content

    Thank you so much for your suggestions! I liked some, I've also changed some parts to what I'd think would be slightly better? thoughts? Ferocious Ring - obtainable from Slayer Master in Edgeville for 3k slayer points. 1. Gives 5% slayer xp bonus. Change to 2.5% and it'll only really benefit people going for 200m imo, by the time people get the amount of points to buy one they will already be quite high level. 2. Has slayer NPC kill log option. 3. 10% chance to extend slayer task by 10% (If possible make it ask if you'd like to extend or not) from Slayer Master (calculation done when given task). Ferocious Ring (i) - obtainable from Slayer Master: have an imbued potion + Ferocious Ring + 1.5k Slayer Points - 5% slayer xp boost when imbued instead of 2.5% when unimbued 1. Same bonuses as Ferocious Ring (regular) with additional content. 2. Gives 10% rare loot increase. 3. Unlimited Slayer teleports (teleport's from slayer ring, just unlimited). 4. Stores Wilderness Tickets while training SLAYER (only slayer) in wild. 5. 10% Damage boost towards Wild Warm. 6. ALWAYS kept on death, including wild (unless skulled) - Loses imbue on death and drops as regular ring when skulled , BUT... Has a recharge rate A. Recharge Rate: i. Degrades at the same rate as Chaotic weapons. ii. Costs 2k Slayer Points to recharge to 100%. I like the idea of this: Rouge Chests: 1. Requires a lock pick to loot chest. (1/50 chance to break?) 2. Add an fail rate to lock picking chest. Also maybe add a chance to poison?
  8. My Progression+ More!

    Not too shabby! I look forward to seeing you progress
  9. First Empire Video. GIVEAWAY!

    Nice video! I look forward to watching the series progress.
  10. [EMPIRE]Reckless VS Dynasty - P2P Mini [2-0]

    Nice video! I love clan warring
  11. ironman #1

    Nice video bro! can't wait to continue to watch the series.
  12. 25/2/2018 :)

    Lovely updates! Wilderness incentives are great can't wait to see them wildy tickets flowing in the GE. ALSO WILDY SLAYER HYPEEEE
  13. Resource area, I like the idea about the volcano too. You're adding wildy slay tasks which are good. Generally just gotta think about every aspect of the game such as fishing, woodcutting, mining etc and look at how that can be added into some kind of wilderness event or training method
  14. The only people it benefits is iron men. Wilderness activities can be added in other ways
  15. Staff Application

    Support I see you in game a lot, and on discord! Would be a nice addition to the team. Good luck.