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  1. QA application

    Username: Rag Discord: #2190 (Rag) Tell us a little about yourself: My Irl name is Wesley I am currently 18 years old (almost 19 :P) I am Dutch. And I am in my last year of school (26th of Februari I will be done with school) Availability: This week I got a week off so I got plenty of time this week. next week I will be going to the militairy base for 5 days so I wont be able to play those days. And after that I got all the time of the world since I am done with school then. How long have you been a member of Empire: I have played the old Alotic. And I have been here since the release of Zonica. Why should you be selected as a QA Tester?: I should be a QA tester becuase I want to help improve the server since this actually is the only 2010/2011 server out there that is perfect I would like to help the server get a flawless re-release becuase the first release of Zonica didn't go very smooth. I would love to see this server have 300 players again and I will do anything to help with that. I have played many RSPS and I do play 07. since I have been here since the release of Zonica and I have played the old Alotic I do have experience with the server.
  2. Hey guys

    Yoo guys Rag here, I've been around for a really long time I have played alotic back in the day, and I have been around since the release of Zonica. Looking forward to play the new server Empire, and ofcourse I hope the server will grow! Cya in game