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  1. 5/21/2018

    Awesome updates, good job Vaas!
  2. 5/18/2018

    Nice updates, good job Vaas!
  3. Skillcape perks?

    Already suggested this to Teek a time go but never really got an answer about it.
  4. Money Issue (Coins)

    Personally I agree with increasing the money flow, i suggested some to you before but I'll show you some of my suggestions here and see how people will react to it and what they think about it: - Raise prices of common skilling supplies (logs + ores etc) to have a high price on G.E. - Lower the money sink as it's too high (example of nerfing untradeable item costs etc) - Make caskets give slightly more money and make donator ranks receive more than usual - Make completing slayer tasks give you an amount of money depending on task difficulty.
  5. we are back online 7:13pm

    What should i do with my life now?
  6. 5/10/2018 - more updates! (big list)

    Good job! Now use the image you had at the end as an avatar instead of a signature you boob! Keep up the good work though :3
  7. Farming Shop

    If you're looking for things like potato seeds or anything like that then I'd suggest thieving the master farmer at Draynor Village for some. Although, It'd be a nice thing to have some basic seeds in G.E.
  8. Mellow's GFX Shop

    Hello and welcome to my GFX shop! CURRENT STATUS: OPEN I've worked with Cinema 4D for quite a while now and I recently started working with Photoshop too along with using Adobe after effects for small animations Here's some example of my past work: Signatures: Banners: I also make: Avatars Banners Logos Userbars ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Prices: Discussed after completion, but payment is only through paypal, designs ranges from $5+. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Template: Name: Type: [Logo, Banner, Signatures, Avatar]: 3D Text Or 2D Text: Colours (Up to 3): Background image (No for transparency/ Yes + link the background) Animation: Yes/No: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Contact: Feel free to pm me via discord #Mellow2050 or pm me via forums or simply request it here. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  9. Artwork/Picture competition!

    Album of 3 things featuring: Mining a star, woodcutting and also violating a poor guard - I couldn't manually upload them to forums due to some bs queue thingy, so I made an album on imgur instead.
  10. Who is Kingfish?

    Welcome to Empire mate, I am sure you'll do a great job for us!
  11. RC+Xp

    Lovely suggestions, support!
  12. rAnDoM fUn on Empire

  13. ive been listening to the white man music

    With this information I will finally ascend to a new level of who the f*** asked? satire btw
  14. 4/30/2018

    Really nice job! Only thing though that I wish got fixed was being able to fish monkfish while also receiving wilderness tokens, since atm if you fish monkfish in wildy, you don't get any wildy tokens :l
  15. "End-Game" Shop

    I don't see why not, although I think it'd be better to avoid adding a zone for maxed or comped people and just instead add a small shop for maxed users. Personally one thing that'd be good is unlocking the ability to add a fire cape to your max cape, this ability to do so should cost something like 20m+ so there's a small money sink.