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  1. Another 1

    You must be suicidal after this one
  2. Awesome, welcome to Empire Heavy!
  3. Hey

    Welcome back noob
  4. Wilderness Bankers

    Big YES to this, reason why is simply because it'll make pking more profitable and it'd be more worth chasing after skillers for not only wildy tickets too.
  5. Reaper Prices

    Hopefully 24th will look into fixing the money flow by cutting back the prices of untradeables, support nontheless.
  6. Lots of suggestions

    Hello! Quite lately there's been alot of suggestions that's been done due to there's alot to fix such as bugs and there's alot of content to be added, so I'm summing up most suggestions people have made + things that has to get fixed. Skillcape perks: Perks for both 200m xp + 99 skill capes, example of benefits can be something such as: Thieving cape reduces stun dmg by 50%, Master thieving cape reduces stun damage by 100%. Moneysink fix + money flow: Not enought money is getting into the game, few examples of why this is happening is because of moneysinks such as untradeable claims cost too much. To raise money flow it can be done by implenting things such as: - Raise prices of common skilling supplies (logs + ores etc) to have a high price on G.E. - Lower the money sink as it's too high (example of nerfing untradeable item costs etc) - Make caskets give slightly more money and make donator ranks receive more than usual - Make completing slayer tasks give you an amount of money depending on task difficulty. Cape Design saves [Suggested by Network] Implementing some sort of system that allows us to save the design of our comp/max capes for later. The system does not necessarily need a UI, just a command such as " ::savecape num " where num is the slot number you would like to save the design to. Wildy + pkp shop revamp+ currency revamp Merge: pkp shop with wilderness token shop, put stores together instead, switch model of wilderness tickets to " rusty coins" which originally is a dungeoneering currency within doing the skill itself, change prices of different items, remove the ability to purchase a fire cape from any store except for credit one. We can also increase the money flow by adding in " money bags" purchaseable with wilderness tokens which can contain an amount of cash ranging from 500k+. Achievement shop: New shop that should be added, instead of receiving actual items such as an inferno adze from achievements instantly, you should instead add all obtainable achievement items from achievements and add it into a shop, make all achievements give out a certain amount of cash so you can spend achievement points on something that's worth purchasing. PK Store: Atm "Nastroth" has a PK Store but with hardly anything in it except for god books, this should be changed by adding in other things such as: Ghostly robes, monk's robes, Dragon weaponry, Ancient staff, Potions. Boss pet passive effects Would make boss pets more benefitable rather than being a cosmetic, this would introduce some game changes to pvming as pvmers need to perhaps change their type of pvm setups if it's more worth using a boss pet rather than a yak or titan, examples of benefits: Nexterminator pet: Functions as a frozen key when entering nex King Black Dragonling pet: Functions as a super-antifire. Any gwd boss pet: Removes the KC requirement to enter the respective boss room (zilyana pet = no sara kc for boss) Glacor pets: Reduced damage from glacors by 35% Tormented demon pet: Accuracy + damage increased by 25%% through any kind of demon in the game. Wildywyrm pet: Reduced damage from wyrms by 40% and increased dr by 10%. Wilderness master cape ATM It's only a cool cosmetic, but personally I believe it has great potential of use in the wilderness, some benefits on using this cape can be: -Increased damage by 5% -Gain x2 wilderness points from any source + 1.5x xp. -Gain x2 the amount of cash received from thieving -Quick teleports to wildywyrm - Trade value set to 2m so it's not loseable so easily but loseable if used by things such as dclaws. But, to gain the benefits of the master cape, you must charge it with wilderness tokens, 10k tokens = 20%. 100% = 10hours. This would be a good thing to add due to making wilderness tokens having some sort of sink so it's always in demand. Use to note or unnote A good QOL to add, simply using noted items on a banker unnotes it, or using something unnoted on a banker instantly notes it. Benefitable for skillers who want to bank their supplies or unnote them as quick as possible. Thieving stalls at home Thieving stalls at home would be a great benefit for all, since it would make new players instantly know what to do to make some money quick, these stalls should be located outside the edgeville bank, mostly where the crystal chest is now but outside the bank itself. Benefits with this is that new players know there's a good money making method + increases money flow and makes home alot more lively than it currently is. Client settings save A frustrating thing that always happens when you log in is when you have to setup your graphics all the time because of it not saving. This should be changed asap for the better of all due to how clunky it functions when you always have to fix it when you exit your client. What a client setting save is simply when you have your client optimised to DIRECTX/OPENGL with anti aliasing etc to always be saved even if you exit out of the client. Boss information: Basically, a very good QOL to add. If you examine any sort of npc ingame it'll display things such as: Loots, droptables, killcount, hp. This would be something benefitable for all and it'd give some more depth to all npcs because it would fill the " examine" spot with good and wealthy information. Slayer QOL improvement A good thing to add to the slayer master is tips on locations, an example of this can be if you get a task to kill Pyrefiends, then the slayer master will tell you that pyrefiends are located in Fremmenik slayer dungeon. Teleportation wizard rework + Nurse re-location The teleportation wizard is really old and lacks good qol improvements. To improve the teleportation wizard here's what can be done: Improve the navigation of teleports, [ Town teleports first, then easy monsters etc] Remove talk option from the wizard so there's only Teleport. Improve the teleportation window itself by adding in things such as previous teleports but showing more than one, example: The nurse in the middle of edgeville should be moved to the little house just to the left of edgeville as It's un-used house and let's be real, the nurse deserve a roof above her head :3 Wilderness slayer Basically making it able to do tasks within wilderness. My suggestion is to add a completely new slayer npc that only assigns wilderness tasks, which should be located outside the guard's jail. Different Npcs should be covered in wilderness, examples such as: Abyssal demons in the ruins, Dark beasts at the boneyard, and any other npc can be spread out in the wilderness so it's up to the owner to decide exactly which npcs can be located. To gain a wilderness slayer task you need atleast 50 slayer. Completing a task gives you normal slayer points but also a good amount of wilderness tokens. Killing npcs that are assigned will always yield tickets and when task is done it should award you tickets aswell. Doing slayer in wilderness also gives you 30% extra slayer and combat experience. Recolouring slayer helmets with npc head loots As the title says, basically if you obtain a KBD head you can use it on your slayer helmet to dye it black, same if you use a KQ head to make a green slayer helmet, or a corp head to make a white slayer helmet etc. This would be cool since you can show off that you've killed the boss, it'd be a nice cosmetical use and it would also make people focus more on receiving such loots as it would be cool to have it perhaps as an achievement to obtain all the heads of npcs ingame. Toolbelts (QOL) Add in toolbelts, which tl;dr is basically if you have a rune pickaxe, can add it to your toolbelt permanently and whenever you have to mine you use the rune pickaxe without having it in inventory nor wielded. Living rock caverns token Add in a " living rock cavern token" to the stardust shop for 15k points. This tokens makes all the npcs within the caverns to not be aggro'd so people such as skillers can avoid being hit. This token should be an item that must be carried in your inventory in order to make the npcs non-aggro. That was it for now, thank you for reading and have a nice day
  7. 5/21/2018

    Awesome updates, good job Vaas!
  8. 5/18/2018

    Nice updates, good job Vaas!
  9. Skillcape perks?

    Already suggested this to Teek a time go but never really got an answer about it.
  10. Money Issue (Coins)

    Personally I agree with increasing the money flow, i suggested some to you before but I'll show you some of my suggestions here and see how people will react to it and what they think about it: - Raise prices of common skilling supplies (logs + ores etc) to have a high price on G.E. - Lower the money sink as it's too high (example of nerfing untradeable item costs etc) - Make caskets give slightly more money and make donator ranks receive more than usual - Make completing slayer tasks give you an amount of money depending on task difficulty.
  11. we are back online 7:13pm

    What should i do with my life now?
  12. 5/10/2018 - more updates! (big list)

    Good job! Now use the image you had at the end as an avatar instead of a signature you boob! Keep up the good work though :3
  13. Farming Shop

    If you're looking for things like potato seeds or anything like that then I'd suggest thieving the master farmer at Draynor Village for some. Although, It'd be a nice thing to have some basic seeds in G.E.
  14. Mellow's GFX Shop

    Hello and welcome to my GFX shop! CURRENT STATUS: OPEN I've worked with Cinema 4D for quite a while now and I recently started working with Photoshop too along with using Adobe after effects for small animations Here's some example of my past work: Signatures: Banners: I also make: Avatars Banners Logos Userbars ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Prices: Discussed after completion, but payment is only through paypal, designs ranges from $5+. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Template: Name: Type: [Logo, Banner, Signatures, Avatar]: 3D Text Or 2D Text: Colours (Up to 3): Background image (No for transparency/ Yes + link the background) Animation: Yes/No: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Contact: Feel free to pm me via discord #Mellow2050 or pm me via forums or simply request it here. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  15. Artwork/Picture competition!

    Album of 3 things featuring: Mining a star, woodcutting and also violating a poor guard - I couldn't manually upload them to forums due to some bs queue thingy, so I made an album on imgur instead.