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  1. Client Ideas

    Love these ideas, and perhaps implement a "Graphic Preset" so you may save your graphic settings so every time you log they don't default.
  2. [EMPIE 668] Adventures ep 1

    Thanks man, that's the plan. Thanks dude Appreciate that sir.
  3. Rendered in 480p and didn't save the project, gf. I would like to start making some videos on Empire, Vlogs of random content and attempting to Max / Comp. The quality of the next videos will exceed this seeing as I just randomly got the urge to make a video. Still trying to adjust to a new editing software and I don't have photoshop anymore so thumbnails and clip art aren't as easy anymore. Anyway, thanks for watching :P.
  4. Empire RSPS 667-Commentary & Rant 1

    Nice video broo Instrumental was a little loud but overall good video
  5. 5/10/2018 - more updates! (big list)

    Awesome updates!!!! I'm HYPPPED.
  6. RC+Xp

    I agree with these Rambo! Nice suggestions mate
  7. rAnDoM fUn on Empire

    Nice video mate!
  8. Rare drops as well and ofc cannonball smithing
  9. Tormented Demon Guide

    I liked the editing on this video, informative too
  10. PKP Shop Additions - Rune Pouch

    I like the dyes idea, Dyes for: Whip (So we can have colored Vine Whips too), Dbows, Staff of Light, Ranger boots & Robin hat, Tophat, Flaming Skull Morrigan's Thrown Axes, Javelins because they drop just as rare as the other PvP items from Revs Bolas (Made from Excrescence and Mutated Vines) <-- not sure if already implemented. If I can think of anything else ill add
  11. Sup's Nightmare Zone Guide

    Nice guide man, now to await Double points again
  12. NPC to make (unf) potions?

    I like the idea, would make unf pots much easier to obtain without having to waste the time and xp.
  13. Tool Leprechaun Note Logs

    Thanks for the input guys. For me at this point in the game I don't want to waste the resources especially like magic and yew logs, even though you can get a fair amount bossing. Perhaps the abuse could be curved by making it so the tree doesn't re-spawn in the patch once cut. Then again, may be more trouble than its worth. Just a thought
  14. Tool Leprechaun Note Logs

    This is just something I have thought of many times during farm runs, here and on many other servers. I understand RuneScape doesn't operate this way but I think this would be beneficial to the Quality of Play. (All logs, maybe even roots?) Some reasons - It kills me to drop magic logs from my magic trees - Teleporting home to bank the logs just results in Tree runs being three or four times lengthy