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  1. Empire Banner

    That is sexy if I do say so myself.
  2. Juju Potions Guide

    Thank you my kind sir
  3. Client Ideas

    Love these ideas, and perhaps implement a "Graphic Preset" so you may save your graphic settings so every time you log they don't default.
  4. [EMPIE 668] Adventures ep 1

    Thanks man, that's the plan. Thanks dude Appreciate that sir.
  5. Rendered in 480p and didn't save the project, gf. I would like to start making some videos on Empire, Vlogs of random content and attempting to Max / Comp. The quality of the next videos will exceed this seeing as I just randomly got the urge to make a video. Still trying to adjust to a new editing software and I don't have photoshop anymore so thumbnails and clip art aren't as easy anymore. Anyway, thanks for watching :P.
  6. Nice video broo Instrumental was a little loud but overall good video
  7. 5/10/2018 - more updates! (big list)

    Awesome updates!!!! I'm HYPPPED.
  8. RC+Xp

    I agree with these Rambo! Nice suggestions mate
  9. rAnDoM fUn on Empire

    Nice video mate!
  10. Rare drops as well and ofc cannonball smithing
  11. Tormented Demon Guide

    I liked the editing on this video, informative too
  12. PKP Shop Additions - Rune Pouch

    I like the dyes idea, Dyes for: Whip (So we can have colored Vine Whips too), Dbows, Staff of Light, Ranger boots & Robin hat, Tophat, Flaming Skull Morrigan's Thrown Axes, Javelins because they drop just as rare as the other PvP items from Revs Bolas (Made from Excrescence and Mutated Vines) <-- not sure if already implemented. If I can think of anything else ill add
  13. Sup's Nightmare Zone Guide

    Nice guide man, now to await Double points again
  14. NPC to make (unf) potions?

    I like the idea, would make unf pots much easier to obtain without having to waste the time and xp.