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  1. Empire Banner

    I did, I'll send through the PS files if you want
  2. Empire Banner

    Open that mouth wider daddy
  3. Empire Banner

    You've got good taste sir.
  4. Empire Banner

    Thought I'd spend some spare time playing around in photoshop again, came up with this sexy little piece.
  5. Back online

    Wildy Wyrm xoxo
  6. Back online

    I think so. I lost a pet that I had gotten day before the servers went down.
  7. calquat seeds

  8. Super antifire's

    They are already in the game. Shanty Pass Teleport and then run slightly east past the magic carpet
  9. Behind the scenes new bosshiscores!

    Great work Teek, love it!
  10. Reaper Prices

    Personally I've never had an issue with having to buy back my items or GP in general. It also adds a level of thought that goes into bossing, where you might consider taking a skillcape over a firecape until you learn the boss. Just grind hard and be smart about your cash in game.
  11. 2 Cannons in 2 hours, sorry - https://imgur.com/a/kdfZF56
  12. Just a heads up that it is absolutely worth grinding out Juju Potions. This is my loot from 1 herb run. 222 Torstol 6 Samaden 1 Erizelle 3 Shengo +1 Extra Papaya Fruit
  13. Client Ideas

    Just had a couple quick thoughts on what could be added to the client. I've made a mockup image of what these features might look like. Toggle EPH (Experience Per Hour) This could be added to the XP icon and display EPH instead of your XP counter. Timer for Potions, Summoning Familiar, XP Boost & Well of Goodwill