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  1. Just a heads up that it is absolutely worth grinding out Juju Potions. This is my loot from 1 herb run. 222 Torstol 6 Samaden 1 Erizelle 3 Shengo +1 Extra Papaya Fruit
  2. Client Ideas

    Just had a couple quick thoughts on what could be added to the client. I've made a mockup image of what these features might look like. Toggle EPH (Experience Per Hour) This could be added to the XP icon and display EPH instead of your XP counter. Timer for Potions, Summoning Familiar, XP Boost & Well of Goodwill
  3. Buying and Selling Items

    Buying Bandos Tassets in G.E for 60m. Also selling Armadyl Chest, Zammorakian Spear and Ranger Boots
  4. Would be a nice to see it added as a rare drop from Hard and Expert monsters. Would be nice to spice up slaying and bossing drops.
  5. PKP Shop Additions - Rune Pouch

    That'd actually be a really great feature
  6. Unique's Suggestions

    List will be updated whenever I think up new ideas. Add Dwarf Cannon This would be a dream for slayer and allow faster solo kills at a boss like Corporal Beast Donation Point Store This store could have items that give QOL benefits, without being OP. Examples Grenwall Gloves - These gloves allow you to capture grenwalls without the need to use bait Fishermans Gloves - 10% chance of sending a fish caught to the players bank Updating the Members Area Add a ::mz quick teleport (or a teleport tab) Add an NPC that teleports you directly to the Shooting Star Thieving Stall that allows members to obtain high tier supplies at a lesser rate of the rogues chest, but without the risk To be updated
  7. Tool Leprechaun Note Logs

    You can just use a spade on the magic tree to clear it instantly, without the need to cut it down
  8. Ez bank

    You're full on fucked in the head
  9. Flexin' #3

    So sorry for the spam.
  10. late easter event

    Yes please daddy