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  1. This is actually amazing.
  2. Back ONLINE!

    Hey everyone, Sorry for the inconvenience of the server being down. Due to our host having a maintenance is caused our server to go down for a certain amount of time. But as of now we are back online.
  3. Hello everyone, A week ago I posted a Discord Competition prior to the server release. The event has now come to an end and I will be revealing the competition winners! First Place Diz with 16 Invites. Second Place Thmoke & Queenie tied with 10 Invites Third Place I Slap You with 8 Invites. I will be contacting the winners through Discord and In-game, congratulations! Congratulations to the winners, will be hosting more competitions like this as time goes on.
  4. FF ash Dead

    Clearly flame-bait, kill picture is not even based on Empire as well. closed.
  5. Hello everyone, I just wanted to give you guys a proper thread of updates before we go live so you know what to expect! All updates were done through 24th. Shooting Star The Shooting Star that was originally on Alotic has been implemented back onto Empire. A list of where you can find most locations are found through the RS3 Wiki. Well Of Goodwill The well of goodwill has been added to Empire. How it works is that there must be a minimum of 15m for the well to activate and there is a maximum of 100m (One hour) that be put into the well. Rogues Chests Rogues Chests from OSRS has been implemented onto Empire. These chests can give you a lot of raw materials, a chance of a whip, a chance of an onyx and a chance of a Super Mystery Box. Red Dragon Isle Red Dragon Isle has been buffed in terms of gathering more loot. Raw materials, chance of an onyx, chance of a dragonic visage and a Super Mystery Box. Wildywyrm We wanted to make Wildywyrm one of the best money making methods in game. So what we've done is that we have now buffed the wyrm to 30,000 HP, it now teleblocks you, it now marks a skull on you as you attack it & it now gives more exclusive loot. New Shops A new shop area has been implemented for quick & easy access for your essential needs. *You no longer get Wilderness Tickets from killing someone. We have implemented a new system 'PKP'. A store will be open to where you can get items by killing people. Super & Epic Mystery Boxes + Pet Mystery Box These boxes have been implemented into the game due to the original box not giving that much loot. A Pet Mystery Box has also been implemented into the game. You can also toggle the lever "I'm fearless warnings by right clicking the lever" In Other News NPC's like Nastroth & Mandrith have right click options that showcase their store. High Risk Skull's have been added into the game @ Mandrith. Cleaning Guams no longer give Wilderness Points Adding a 10 Minute aggressive timer to certain NPC's to reduce AFK money making methods. Wilderness Barrows & Regular Mini-game Barrows won't conflict giving you the message 'This monster isn't after you' Your stats will no longer regenerate after resetting a stat with 'Max' Wise Old Man & Max have been moved north of Edge bank. Dicing area has been moved from the Grand Exchange to Edgeville furnace. Drinking a Sanfew Serum now gives you immunity from poison for 3 minutes Safe spot at rogues chests have been patched Fixed from getting the same pet twice from the pet mystery box Men now have a 1/10 chance of dropping a party hat Lever south of the bank only teleports you to deserted keep Lever inside of edge bank only teleports you to Easts and Wests Dragons You can now create your DFS by using Oziach You can also toggle the lever "I'm fearless warnings by right clicking the lever" Hope to see you guys all on release! Best Regards, Empire Administration
  6. [2/16/2018] Staff Updates

    Demotions Volk moved to Volk due to inactivity. Acilator moved to Acilator due to inactivity. Skill has resigned to Skill due to In real life issues. In Other News As the server is coming online soon, we will be looking for more staff positions. Over the next couple of days we will be analyzing people who have applied for the role to see if they deserve a shot. How to apply for staff here.
  7. Wanna Play A Game?

  8. GFX Shop (closed)

    Closed upon request.
  9. Wilderness Hotspots

    - Wilderness - The spots marked in red indicates the "Hotspot" where you will gain more EP and get better drops. Rev Cave
  10. Yes Application QA

    Your previous application was declined due to the minimal effort you've put into it. But it seems that you've improved a bit and that you're serious this time. I have assigned your rank on discord and in-game. Please read discord for more information.
  11. QA application

    Great application. I have assigned your rank on discord and in-game. Please read pinned messages on discord for more information.
  12. QA Application

    I have assigned your rank on discord and in-game. Please read the pinned messages on discord for more information.
  13. Qa Application

    I have assigned your rank on Discord and in-game. Please read pinned messages on discord for more information.
  14. QA Application

    I'd like to acquire people who are quite familiar with this revision and the game. Sorry but you don't meet the requirements I am expecting