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  1. Down for maintenance

    Looking forward to the pk world for sure
  2. 6/6/2018

    Great stuff as always
  3. Ez bank made

    share I tbed
  4. calquat seeds

    yessssss mateeeeee
  5. Wilderness Bankers

    I always thought it was weird in the first place. I'm down with anything that will make people want to pk more.
  6. suggestions -redsnow

    A lot of good suggestions here. Huge +1 to Polypore
  7. Reaper Prices

    I know I've seen other people post about this already but I'm spending way too much money buying my items back from the reaper. I think it's a good idea but the prices should probably be cut in half or possibly even more. At least until there's more cash in the game. Also the Korasi still goes there even though it's tradable now so that needs fixed.
  8. Lots of suggestions

    Definitely agree with most of these. The boss pet perks are a really good idea.
  9. Some rare drops :) (ironman)

    The Ironman luck is real
  10. Looks good. Some important fixes in there for sure.
  11. 25/2/2018 :)

    Stoked to start doing some wilderness slayer. Also the fixes to the ticket amounts for skilling seem like a great idea.
  12. Agree with all of this but also it will redirect traffic to normal barrows which means more shields will be in game and I'm all for that. Was definitely a cool idea but it just can't really work the way we would all like it to.
  13. We need your opinion & vote!

    Okay so my opinion is a bit skewed because I just comped yesterday and don't feel like doing it again, but I don't see the point in resetting all skills. I realize it would get some new players to stay because they feel they have a chance to compete, but how many of them will stay more than a few weeks? At that point the whole rat race aspect is pretty much done with and any players just joining would be in the same boat as if there wasn't a full reset. I know this wasn't an option on the poll but I think it makes more sense to do an economy reset that would include untradeables. Would have a similar effect and get the wildy + gwd and other areas populated while everyone is trying to farm wildy tickets and rare drops. I've talked to multiple people that have been here from the start and they said they will quit if there's a full reset. Would probably be a bad thing to take out members of the community that stayed through the dark times because who knows how many new players will stick around. I think something like this would be a better way to appeal to new and old players. I will gladly stick around no matter what happens but I know that's not the case with everyone.