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  1. What's going on with the reset.

    Thanks for the update teek
  2. Selling 6 Bandos chestplates

    Topic can be closed due to reset.
  3. The direction of Empire

    It will be reset soon. After that you can play normally
  4. The direction of Empire

    I'll definitely play a bit less then i do now (also because of personal things). If you're still looking for staff members you know where to find my application . I will change the availability hours in my application. I'm looking forward to the reset and meeting new players.
  5. We need your opinion & vote!

    You'll prop lose a few yes, But im sure a lot will stay aswell.
  6. We need your opinion & vote!

    Both options have their downsides so..
  7. We need your opinion & vote!

    I think option 2 is the best option for everyone and I'll explain why i think this. Some new players and current plays think the econemy is the problem (this is was I read in discord and ingame). People's skills and untradables have nothing to do with this. Removing everyones wealth ingame would solve the current economy problem and thats what the people want (according to discord messages) This is my point of view and opinion.
  8. Selling 6 Bandos chestplates

    I'm Selling 6 bandos chestplates. Pm me ingame or on discord (Joëll#5369) if you're interested
  9. Pet mystery box

    I see what you're saying and i get it. The downside of this achievement is that pets won't be special anymore because you don't know whether the person killed for it or bought it. And tbh thats not really what pets are meant for.
  10. GYAZO

    Welcome to Empire!
  11. Pet mystery box

    What do you want changed/added? Remove the Pet mystery box from the Credit exchange. Why do you want this to be changed/added? In the development world I noticed that there is a Pet mystery box. Personally a pet should be something that has to be rewarded with hard work or luck with drops, but not by having money/credits ingame. A pet is something unique and shows a persons dedication. With this Pet mystery box it could also mean something else... having money... I don't like that personally. How will this help the community? By removing this It will make pets rare and I think that the community will appeciate that. I asked several people for their opinion about this mystery box... Right now 11 out of 12 people agreed with me. Please leave a comment with your opinions In It.
  12. The amount of uncuts you get from those boxes are insane lmao.
  13. Bandos Mass!

    I'm in.
  14. Wanna Play A Game?

  15. Nxno's introduction

    I think that we did nex onetime and got that torva full helm... not sure tho