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  1. Yah boy did it :D

    Congrats. 200m mage cape is in my top 5 favorite capes.
  2. 5/18/2018

    Very good updates~
  3. It's still nice seeing the dedication you still put into the server, Great update as always.
  4. Dream Team Introduction!

    Welcome to the server, We hope you enjoy your stay~
  5. Rare drop table. Add the Cannonball Mould to the slayer shop for x amount of points, and only allow Cannonballs to be obtained by smithing them with the Mould.
  6. x2 drops weekend thus far

    Congrats, very nice loot.
  7. Post whatever you're currently listening to. I'll start.
  8. 4/4/2018

    Great updates as always~
  9. my sexy list of QOL suggestions

    I like suggestion 2, lol.
  10. Skiezo Introduction

    Welcome to the server, I've watched a few of your videos in the past and enjoyed them quite a bit. Glad to have someone like you playing the server~
  11. Cute animals

  12. Cute animals

    Post anything that is related to cute animals, because cute animals are adorable.
  13. 3/20/2018

    Great updates as usual, Glad you still put time and effort into trying to improve the server.
  14. So much Potential

    Welcome to the server, Hope you enjoy your stay! Any type of promotion for the server is always welcome.
  15. UPDATGES? Game ded?

    We should try to keep positive vibes, being negative doesn't help anyone.