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  1. YES MAAAAATE Not sure about the GE move. I get why though
  2. Additional content

    I like your explanations and some of the ideas, especially the ring! The parts I don't fully agree with are below. May aswell be a flat 10% increase Maybe need to use imbuent to imbue it instead of slayer points- makes more sense Only on slayer tasks I assume? Seems a bit OP, maybe 5%? Not sure about this, but it could work! Maybe better to integrate into the grim reaper? I like that it was changed and I like that the quests were removed (nice for PvM players but seemed excessive for those wanting to PK) as it wasn't a challenge, just a hindrance. I do agree, however, that the new system is a bit weird. It's split up too much and a bit crammed but still an improvement on the old one. I'd prefer a system where it's all in one (or two - prayer vs magic) objects, and the options were in the right click menu opposed to a chat menu. I don't think its a big deal to be worrying about too much though. The location of the bank is shit as it's easy to misclick on the NPCs Seems an unnecessary thing? Don't see what it adds
  3. Staff Application

    100% nolife RS can confirm <3
  4. The direction of Empire

    As one of the players with more to lose than most, I think this is the right decision.
  5. We need your opinion & vote!

    Resetting items without resetting stats/untradeables seems really illogical to me and we will just end up here again.
  6. We need your opinion & vote!

    This is really difficult. Last month, I voted no for a reset. It made sense at the time - but the situation has now changed drastically. (Hindsight is powerful) A full wipe could do wonders for the server. For me personally, it means I wont be able to play for quite a while (months) until I have the time to invest in it again. But, it's probably still the best way forward. Don't do it overnight though, it means going back to square 1 in that plan and getting the word out again. This is conditional though - the early game grind needs to be changed. Players shouldn't need to afk rock crabs for an hour to get basic stats, wait 2 weeks until they can afford 99 prayer. There's more examples. @24th you've shown us what the future is like. Let's see how this polls I guess! TLDR - I voted YES for FULL reset.
  7. Launch Feedback

    These are great suggestions (and I know you have many more good ones that you didn't put in this list too). The eco reset is a difficult thing. The power of hindsight...
  8. came across this video

    @kids You get wrecked at 2:30 haha
  9. Ffs I've been buying crystal keys in the live game to do this and then you beat me to it on the test world.... lmao
  10. 1-99 Herblore Guide By Jerry

    Good guide! Most people will probably be better making about 100-200 of each extreme potion ready for their overloads as soon as they can. It should get them to 96/99 and will be more efficient. Farming is easy for herbs, so look into that if you need herbs for extremes people You can make a lot with avantoe so it's a good one to stockpile/grow/buy.
  11. Nxno's introduction

    I remember that name from Alotic. Welcome back!
  12. QA tester Doc

    Username: Doc Discord: DocTolly#7840 Tell us a little about yourself: I'm 24 from England and am a training doctor (no idea how I find so much time to play games). I've played RS since forever and have more in game days than I care to share (400+). I played Alotic (comped), RuneHD and Zonica too. Availability: Variable but I'm on leave for the next month in the lead up to exams. My free time during the day is usually gaming - lately that's all been here (over 300 hours). I'm always online it seems. How long have you been a member of Empire Rumour has it Doc was around since the beginning of time in a world where Empire was just a sparkle in its fathers eye. (Zonica first week). Alotic early months. Why should you be selected as a QA Tester?: I enjoy playing the game and want to help it improve - I have made multiple suggestions in past many of which are now in game and have also highlighted many bugs. I can code too so I see bugs with a different perspective. Did I mention I enjoy playing?
  13. @Moon I think it was adequate compensation for the time taken lol. Would be interesting to see how much non-members would get but I'm not grinding all those caskets again. Yeah, crystal keys is already planned the next one. Been slowly saving them up - at 500 now - nobody was selling them though -.- Got a couple more ideas after that one too - 1,000 mystery boxes would be the dream ending to the series but don't think I can afford that for a while yet
  14. LOOT FROM 1000 CASKETS Another of the "Loot from 1000" specials... 1,000 caskets obtained from slayer tasks / bossing etc. (Special credit to my pack yak Steve for lugging all these things to the bank ready for winter) Summary: Cash caskets: 933 (93.3%) Total cash: 67,334,603 Average per: 72,170 Highest seen: 95.989 Lowest seen: 48,080 Key caskets: 67 (6.7%) Loop half: 36 (53.7%) Tooth half: 31 (46.3%) Total value: 68,272,647 All caskets were opened in one go - with membership which increases coin value range Q: How do you get caskets? Most mobs drop them, but the rate is significantly increased if it's your slayer task! Q: How did you bank the caskets? Winter storage scrolls (for pack yak) & lots of summoning potions Q: What are you going to do with all your earnings? VEGAS BABY!