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  1. Make sure you join the discord server if you haven't already! We've got some interesting prospects that we really need your opinions on, I'll be there!
  2. Another 1

    This is so wrong..
  3. Hey

    Welcome back bro
  4. suggestions -redsnow

    Gano + Arma battlestaff was beyond broken. Love the idea of clan capes, would bring clanning to a new level
  5. Super antifire's

    Big support
  6. This is why I wake up everyday
  7. Price Guide

    Love the effort put into this, this should whittle the toxic players from trying to inflate prices!
  8. Yah boy did it :D

    Ayy we getting that paper baby Video looking super smooth man, micprohone crisp too
  9. 200m Skill Cape Perks suggestion.

    Look forward to seeing these ingame
  10. 5/18/2018

    Sick updates! Love the golden key, fashionscape here i come!
  11. [EMPIE 668] Adventures ep 1

    Lav iiiiiiiiiiiiiit
  12. Commentary Video 2

    Rambo hitting us with that gorgeous voice once again, loving the videos bro. When you gonna upload me making you plank at duel arena? :thonk:
  13. [EMPIRE 668] Brief Server Intro

    The more content and exposure for the server the better. You are a hero! Maybe @Kingfish could get these videos shouted out on Youtube channels, etc if he has leverage in that area. Loving the content that's being produced lately!
  14. Money Issue (Coins)

    Agree with the above posts, cash is taking a bit too long to generate at the moment and specific account builds are needed to abuse things like rogues chest to generate gold quickly, which overall isn't healthy. As rambo stated once the active playerbase doubles (I would say), this would have to be reviewed quickly to avoid the reverse effect of having too much gold in the game.
  15. Keep it up bro, loving the videos. Your voice though