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  1. Yeah they are so good, remember i always used juju potions while skilling
  2. 5/18/2018

    Wow, very nice
  3. 200m Skill Cape Perks suggestion.

    Nice list! Something like this should be added to make those hard earned capes worth the grind haha
  4. Skillcape perks?

    Would be great haha
  5. Skillcape perks?

    What would you think about 200m capes getting useful perks added, silimar to osrs?
  6. Commentary Video 2

    Good video, nice switches man
  7. Client Ideas

    Timers would be nice!
  8. [EMPIE 668] Adventures ep 1

    Very nice videos, keeps me interested the whole video!
  9. Who is Kingfish?

    Welcome! This is amazing
  10. Favourite PK Builds?

    60 attack zerkers or 50 attack, 30 def turmoil pures pre eoc. Was so fun and op haha. would be nice to build it here
  11. Flexin' #2

  12. wow very nicely put together, good video!
  13. Skiezo Introduction

    Game is very well coded, just like the one you been making vids on nice to see you here, hope you enjoy and make some badass videos and it gets more popular haha
  14. So much Potential

    youtube would help this game alot! happy to see you here!
  15. Revive le game

    Good ideas, but if you loot at rsps toplists, like runelocus, 4 out of 5 most popular servers are ECO. the one who is spawn pk based only holds 250-300 players at the time, while ECO holds 600-700. people prefer longevity, not everyone goes for pking, game should be balanced and its not right now, skilling and pvm just takes over pvp aspect. statistically only 7% of osrs players are active pkers, so people prefer game that is all-around enjoyable for everyone. im not saying same statistics apply to rsps communities, but im sure there are alot who enjoy pvm, skilling, which is perfect here, ofc more content could be better for pvmers, but yeah, pvp activities are lacking right now. im all in for pking, for me there is no fun if i do all the pvm and i can't pk whenever i want