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  1. Empire Banner

    This is freaking great!
  2. Post your dream car(s)

    Yo I know forums have been a ghost town for some time now, and we are still waiting to find a decent host. For the time being I figured I would try to start a riot on forums for a bit cause why not? Post Pic/Vid Daily Car that I hope I can get within the next 6 years Dream car if I become a billionaire lmfa00 Koenigsegg Agera RS @Mellowwhen we gonna go for a ride >.>
  3. Down for maintenance

    Ty for letting us know <3
  4. Yo what up broski! I race you to 200m slayer/rc?
  5. 6/6/2018

    Always with the clutch updates bro!
  6. Hey

    w/b see you in game bruh
  7. Super antifire's

    Aren't super antfire potions already coded? ><
  8. Price Guide

  9. Mewtwo's first ever Video!

    Nice af tho, but i still got a clip of us having a 2 sec fight and me winning so foook u
  10. suggestions -redsnow

    I like all these suggestions, and I do like the idea of poly pore. If poly pore gets added tho more then likely gano will be added too. Gano is typically considered to be "OP". I personally like it. Evil tree has been suggested I have seen previews of it so it is gradually getting worked. I love the suggestions bro I support!
  11. Reaper Prices

    I can relate, I use to feel the same way about it at first. I ended up spending like 60m the first week the reaper was introduced. I personally think the prices are good as it is for veterans that know there way around the game. But for newer players I think it can be frustrating when you're trying to build your bank, and constantly spending money to buy back stuff.
  12. Wilderness Bankers

    If this happens I might end up being the server dick head sorry in advance guys. I voted no just cause I personally think that it's good the way it is but, I would not mind it.
  13. calquat seeds

    omg u made post i support
  14. Lots of suggestions

    I like all of these updates, the only thing i'm against is theiving stalls at home just cause it seems out of place tbh. For increasing currency in the game, i would rather see another skill generate currency rather then slayer and thieving. They are all good suggestions though!