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  1. Yah boy did it :D

    I tried a new render setting then usual tell me if you think it looks better.
  2. 200m Skill Cape Perks suggestion.

    king teek ahead by 2 steps how bro how? lol
  3. 5/18/2018

    yes!!!!!!!! My cannon is here, nice updates bro. GOD CODERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  4. 200m Skill Cape Perks suggestion.

    200m Skill Cape Abilities This topic was actually suggested by Mellow, I thought I would go ahead and make a list of perks that capes could potentially have! Attack: gives 4-8% accuracy on monsters Strength: Gives 4-8% str damage to monsters Defence:Should have active that raises def level to 130 for x amount of time. Range: Should act like an accumalator and give 4-8% bonus dmg to monsters Prayer: Restore prayer points for each bone buried. Mage: Allows mage book switches between ancients, lunar, and normals. When spell is casted from that book it automatically switches back to default spells you had before the switch. Rune Crafting: Gives you x amount of pure essence within a 24hrs. Constitution: Acts like a nurse at home restores all stats once every 24hrs. Agility: Unlimited Run Herblore: Increase duration of potions by 2 additional minutes. Theiving: Gives you a chance to loot a crystal key from npc. Crafting: NO IDEA LOL Fletching:Gives you x bolt tips such as ruby bolt tips, onyx, emerald, and etc which is randomly selected with in a 24hr period. Slayer: Allows you to select your own task. Hunter: Allows you to catch multiple animals with one trap (box traps only) Mining: Gives you a chance of finding uncut onyx/dragonstone when you mine meteors. Smithing: When smithing it gives you a chance to save pieces of whatever you're smithing (should not apply to visages, hilts, or sigils) Fishing:Gives you 1-15 chance of catching those wilderness sharks (I dont know the exact name of them, but they are red and black :c) Cooking: All food has 0% chance of burning Firemaking: tinder box is not needed to light fires. Or give them the bonfire effect http://services.runescape.com/m=news/bonfires (official jagex post on bonfires from 2012) Woodcutting: Gives additional 5 logs randomly from the tree you're currently cutting Farming: Acts like magic secateurs and stacks with the secateurs in game. Summoning: Gives you a chance of saving summoning pouches or scrolls!??! Obviously these are my thought and opinions, so criticize to the fullest! I'm going back to work
  5. Skillcape perks?

    Teek had mention doing something like this, but I was totally gonna put a list of potential abilities or something and see what people thought of it. It would really be a great feature to add!
  6. Commentary Video 2

    you making me plank?!?!?!? didnt i kill you for red p hat and gave it back to you cause i felt bad?💀☠️💀☠️🤣
  7. [EMPIE 668] Adventures ep 1

    nice video! fuck teek freaking trollllllllll!
  8. [EMPIRE 668] Brief Server Intro

    LOL NICE! I might have to step my shit up. You're vid was way better then mine lol
  9. Money Issue (Coins)

    I agree with mellow on all those ideas. Like 1.5-2% inflation in economies are not bad, it shows progress and growth as long as it does not get too out of hand I'm pretty sure we'll be Gucci. I think when more players enter the game we might have to revisit this topic and adjust it accordingly again (strongly depends on the type of players are coming in). Good suggestion mellow!
  10. More? Yes or No? what do I need to do to improve?
  11. 5/10/2018 - more updates! (big list)

    Its updating will take 10mins then try again
  12. 5/10/2018 - more updates! (big list)

    First! nice updates and hooray to skill pets!