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  1. Cape Design Saves

  2. 5/21/2018

    - Slayer helms will now work against cave horrors - Nightmare zone now has an afk timer of 5minutes before your session times out - Cannon pickup bug has been fixed. - Issues with ::pet not showing or spawning have been fixed - Glacors will now drop shards of armadyl at a rate of 1/3 chance - The well of good will has been replaced with a different object due to high request (annoying ass noise) - The cannon parts are now dropped by the following npcs chaos dwarfs - 1/512 chaos elemental - 1/256 - Chaos elemental drops has been modified, they will now drop the following corrupt pvp items - 1/128 normal pvp items - 1/256 cannon parts - 1/256 super mboxes - 1/128 - The king black dragon's drops have been modified and they will now drop the following: Dragon pick - 1/512 Dragon hatchet - 1/512 Super mbox - 1/128 - The stat requirements for torva have been modified to match rs 2011. (removed 80str requirement) - Heros in the wilderness will now give 2-4 wilderness tickets per steal - Palidins will now give 2-3. Got any suggestions? let me know - 24th
  3. 200m Skill Cape Perks suggestion.

    already got something lined up for both 99s and 200m will just take a while to implement
  4. 5/18/2018

    - Fixed bug with green dragons wilderness slayer task (certain dragons we're not added to the task list correctly) - Fixed dupe with NPC drops (kept dropping over and over again) - Fixed naming with some RFD gloves - You should no longer be set to 1hp after resetting combat stats - The shooting star will now longer spawn if another already exists within the world. - Bug with maging/ranging npcs where they wouldn't do anything should be now fixed. - Veteran ranks IG will now register secondary forum rank as veteran (sry mel0w) - Easter ring will now turn you into an egg when you equip it. - Ring of stone is now functioning and will turn you into a rock when you equip it. - Cannon has now been implemented and should be fully functioning. - Chaotics in the wilderness point store have been lowered from 32,500 points down to 18,500-25,000 each (depends on the type) - Chaotics in the nightmare zone store have been slightly lowered. - RFD Gloves should now be purchasable in the g.e - A "Golden crystal key" has been implemented to boss drop rates at a rate of 1/250. This key will allow you to get ANY high tier reward from the ckey chest. - Added 2 more ckey chests south of edgeville bank. - Korasi sword is now tradeable through player trading and the grand exchange. (this means you can buy/sell them in the g.e from other players) - Added a "check" option to add pvp items. This will allow you to see how long you have before your item degrades. - Epic boxes/supers now have a 50% chance of getting x2 when it's been enabled instead of x2. I have also enabled events for the weekend too! - 24th
  5. [EMPIRE 668] Brief Server Intro

    nice video my d00d but you forgot star in deep wilderness gives pkp/tickets only (increases activity in that area)
  6. As most of you know, getting coins is fairly difficult at the moment. I've received dozens of complaints about the situation so it's time to do something about it. Please vote on the poll and suggest ideas of how we can implement more money into the game for players. If you believe the methods currently aren't an issue then please post about it. - 24th
  7. Artwork/Picture competition!

    Winners: R S N- Rambo - 1st Mellow - 2nd Unique / Mewtwo - 3rd
  8. Empire RSPS 667-Commentary & Rant 1

    sexy video
  10. - Re-designed/wrote the WellOfGoodWill.. newer features: -- costs 60m for 1hr dxp (1m per 1minute) -- min cost to donate is now 1million gp -- max cost is unlimited -- the well will now write to your playersave how much you have donated to the well overtime -- your information tab will now update when someone donates to the well. -- You can only donate once per minute to prevent spamming. - The veterans rank has been implemented into the game and you can buy the cape from max for 5million coins. (anyone with ex/staff or veteran rank can purchase it) - New titles have been added: - An option has been added to the crystal key chest called "check loot table" and this interface will appear when viewing - You now gain wilderness tickets for mining the following 3-5 for runite 2-3 for adamant 1-2 for mithril/coal and 1 for the other ores. - You will now gain additional wilderness tickets for burning logs with an inferno adze when wcing in the wilderness. - You will now gain 2 wilderness tickets for fishing monkfish - Ivy woodcutting has finally been implemented. (for new achievement) - Lumberjack 3 (hard achievement) has been released - Master Lumberjack (Elite achievement) has been released. - Stardust teleportation scrolls have been implemented into the stardust store. (if the event is in the wilderness a warning will appear with a dialogue asking if you want to continue.) - New skilling pets have been added. I'll explain how to get and show you how they look. Firemaking pet, 1/1,500 chance by burning any log which requires over 60 firemaking to burn. Ape Atoll agility pet - 1,000 chance by doing each part of the course. Gnome agility pet - 1,500 chance by doing each part of the course. Woodcutting anything which requires over 30 woodcutting, you can get these pets 1/2,000 chance for each Fishing pets: Lobsters 1/2000 chance of getting this pet (must be fishing lobsters) Sharks 1/1500 chance of getting this pet (must be fishing sharks) Big fishing net / small fishing net 1/1500 chance (must be using small or big fishing net to get this pet) all pets: - Fixed spelling mistake with the rewards trader. (LOL) - Pets and the max hit dummies will not longer have a yellow dot on the minimap. - Started working on quickchat messages, so far I've managed to refactor and do ALOT but only got public quickchat working so far - When leveling up you will now get a dialogue saying you advanced a skill level with a flashing icon in your stats tab. (examples and yes they are different skills) More advanced feature are to come within the next week, please note these updates do take me a while to add and write so please bare with me.. I'm still active! Have fun and happy gaming, - 24th
  11. Hello players on Empire! I'm happy to announce we are hosting a competition on artwork/pictures. Information: We are looking for pictures to post on our advertisement threads on multiple RSPS forums. We are looking for the following - Unique pictures showing features of empire - Pking/Pvming/Skilling pictures - Unique gifs Prizes: 1st place - 2,000 game credits 2nd place - 1,000 game credits 3rd place - 500 game credits and a super mystery box Deadline: 12/5/2018 (12th May 2018) Please reply to this thread with your entry. You can have more than 1 entry. Good luck to anyone who enters! - Empire Administration.
  12. Who is Kingfish?

    Welcome bruddaaa
  13. rAnDoM fUn on Empire

  14. Favourite PK Builds?

  15. Favourite PK Builds?

    gmaul tank pure