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  1. [EMPIE 668] Adventures ep 1

    great video!!

  3. fucking crack neck

    same dude.
  4. UPDATGES? Game ded?

    Hm I don't know, drawing a blank from reading this part...
  5. UPDATGES? Game ded?

    I see you got triggered lmao, just stating that I didn't understand a single thing you said in your sentence....
  6. UPDATGES? Game ded?

    Sorry but didn't understand a single thing you just said.
  7. Some rare drops :) (ironman)

    damn very impressive dude!
  8. How's Things

    Welcome to the community! I see you played Doki Doki .

    Welcome to the community dude!
  10. Hello Server!

    Welcome back dude!
  11. ironman #1

    great video dude keep em’ coming!
  12. Forums

    Next time pls use the format provided. OT; I don’t think the current plugins allow us to add those but would be awesome if we did have them.
  13. Staff Application

    Support! you have been very active and helpful with everything, asset to the community would be a great addition to the staff team.
  14. The direction of Empire

    you just commented on the update..