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    As most of you know, getting coins is fairly difficult at the moment. I've received dozens of complaints about the situation so it's time to do something about it. Please vote on the poll and suggest ideas of how we can implement more money into the game for players. If you believe the methods currently aren't an issue then please post about it. - 24th
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    Who am I? First off it's a great opportunity to meet all of you. I'm really looking forward to become closer with every single one of you and have a blast playing Empire. Now who am I? Why am I here? What are my responsibilities? Basically I am Empires new general administrator. I will be handling marketing/advertisements as well as acting as a community manager with the intent to grow our community into something wonderful. I approached 24th/Teek after joining Empire and absolutely falling in love. The server is fantastic, development is outstanding and the player base is so friendly and happy. But I was so upset that there wasn't hundreds of players enjoying this experience that I was and watching Teek run around with a god damn coif and granite maul.. So I knew I had to do something. That's why I'm here, to help grow Empire to be the server it deserves to be. So expect to see me around, don't be shy to say hello. I'll generally be asking for advice and gathering information on what you (the community) would like to see in the game, and how we can improve all together. Whether it be bug fixes or website alterations, I want to know every suggestion you guys have! N.B: If you know any Youtubers or have any feedback on how we could attract players; I definitely want to hear them! So feel free to message me as I'm always available. That's all from me for now, see you in-game! Regards, Kingfish
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    - Slayer helms will now work against cave horrors - Nightmare zone now has an afk timer of 5minutes before your session times out - Cannon pickup bug has been fixed. - Issues with ::pet not showing or spawning have been fixed - Glacors will now drop shards of armadyl at a rate of 1/3 chance - The well of good will has been replaced with a different object due to high request (annoying ass noise) - The cannon parts are now dropped by the following npcs chaos dwarfs - 1/512 chaos elemental - 1/256 - Chaos elemental drops has been modified, they will now drop the following corrupt pvp items - 1/128 normal pvp items - 1/256 cannon parts - 1/256 super mboxes - 1/128 - The king black dragon's drops have been modified and they will now drop the following: Dragon pick - 1/512 Dragon hatchet - 1/512 Super mbox - 1/128 - The stat requirements for torva have been modified to match rs 2011. (removed 80str requirement) - Heros in the wilderness will now give 2-4 wilderness tickets per steal - Palidins will now give 2-3. Got any suggestions? let me know - 24th
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    - Fixed bug with green dragons wilderness slayer task (certain dragons we're not added to the task list correctly) - Fixed dupe with NPC drops (kept dropping over and over again) - Fixed naming with some RFD gloves - You should no longer be set to 1hp after resetting combat stats - The shooting star will now longer spawn if another already exists within the world. - Bug with maging/ranging npcs where they wouldn't do anything should be now fixed. - Veteran ranks IG will now register secondary forum rank as veteran (sry mel0w) - Easter ring will now turn you into an egg when you equip it. - Ring of stone is now functioning and will turn you into a rock when you equip it. - Cannon has now been implemented and should be fully functioning. - Chaotics in the wilderness point store have been lowered from 32,500 points down to 18,500-25,000 each (depends on the type) - Chaotics in the nightmare zone store have been slightly lowered. - RFD Gloves should now be purchasable in the g.e - A "Golden crystal key" has been implemented to boss drop rates at a rate of 1/250. This key will allow you to get ANY high tier reward from the ckey chest. - Added 2 more ckey chests south of edgeville bank. - Korasi sword is now tradeable through player trading and the grand exchange. (this means you can buy/sell them in the g.e from other players) - Added a "check" option to add pvp items. This will allow you to see how long you have before your item degrades. - Epic boxes/supers now have a 50% chance of getting x2 when it's been enabled instead of x2. I have also enabled events for the weekend too! - 24th
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    Personally I agree with increasing the money flow, i suggested some to you before but I'll show you some of my suggestions here and see how people will react to it and what they think about it: - Raise prices of common skilling supplies (logs + ores etc) to have a high price on G.E. - Lower the money sink as it's too high (example of nerfing untradeable item costs etc) - Make caskets give slightly more money and make donator ranks receive more than usual - Make completing slayer tasks give you an amount of money depending on task difficulty.
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    Just had a couple quick thoughts on what could be added to the client. I've made a mockup image of what these features might look like. Toggle EPH (Experience Per Hour) This could be added to the XP icon and display EPH instead of your XP counter. Timer for Potions, Summoning Familiar, XP Boost & Well of Goodwill
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    I tried a new render setting then usual tell me if you think it looks better.
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    already got something lined up for both 99s and 200m will just take a while to implement
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    More? Yes or No? what do I need to do to improve?
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    - Re-designed/wrote the WellOfGoodWill.. newer features: -- costs 60m for 1hr dxp (1m per 1minute) -- min cost to donate is now 1million gp -- max cost is unlimited -- the well will now write to your playersave how much you have donated to the well overtime -- your information tab will now update when someone donates to the well. -- You can only donate once per minute to prevent spamming. - The veterans rank has been implemented into the game and you can buy the cape from max for 5million coins. (anyone with ex/staff or veteran rank can purchase it) - New titles have been added: - An option has been added to the crystal key chest called "check loot table" and this interface will appear when viewing - You now gain wilderness tickets for mining the following 3-5 for runite 2-3 for adamant 1-2 for mithril/coal and 1 for the other ores. - You will now gain additional wilderness tickets for burning logs with an inferno adze when wcing in the wilderness. - You will now gain 2 wilderness tickets for fishing monkfish - Ivy woodcutting has finally been implemented. (for new achievement) - Lumberjack 3 (hard achievement) has been released - Master Lumberjack (Elite achievement) has been released. - Stardust teleportation scrolls have been implemented into the stardust store. (if the event is in the wilderness a warning will appear with a dialogue asking if you want to continue.) - New skilling pets have been added. I'll explain how to get and show you how they look. Firemaking pet, 1/1,500 chance by burning any log which requires over 60 firemaking to burn. Ape Atoll agility pet - 1,000 chance by doing each part of the course. Gnome agility pet - 1,500 chance by doing each part of the course. Woodcutting anything which requires over 30 woodcutting, you can get these pets 1/2,000 chance for each Fishing pets: Lobsters 1/2000 chance of getting this pet (must be fishing lobsters) Sharks 1/1500 chance of getting this pet (must be fishing sharks) Big fishing net / small fishing net 1/1500 chance (must be using small or big fishing net to get this pet) all pets: - Fixed spelling mistake with the rewards trader. (LOL) - Pets and the max hit dummies will not longer have a yellow dot on the minimap. - Started working on quickchat messages, so far I've managed to refactor and do ALOT but only got public quickchat working so far - When leveling up you will now get a dialogue saying you advanced a skill level with a flashing icon in your stats tab. (examples and yes they are different skills) More advanced feature are to come within the next week, please note these updates do take me a while to add and write so please bare with me.. I'm still active! Have fun and happy gaming, - 24th
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    The gold generation problem is the opposite, raw GP isn't coming in fast enough to warrant the amount of gold sinks we currently have.
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    After the next update (later today) the following events will take place Friday: - Double Drops! - x2 loot from Epic/Super mystery boxes! - Double xp (randomly doing a total of 6 hours throughout the day) - Double vote points Saturday: - x2 NMZ Points - x2 Vote Points - x2 Slayer Points! - x2 stardust points - Double drops for around 5hours (throughout the day to make it fair on all players from different timezones) Sunday: - x2 PC points - x2 Vote Points - (6hours dxp throughout the day) - x2 stardust points I would also like to note we are giving out RANDOM gifts all weekend so make sure you are active and don't miss out!
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    After a long break I am back, more active and trying to get as much done as possible. I am not dead or going anywhere.. the updates are listed below! - Bones to peaches tabs and spell have been added. They will only work with normal bones however, the peaches will heal 80/maxhitpoints hitpoints and cannot be used as combo food. - Shooting star teleports have been added. If the star is in the wilderness you will get a dialogue asking if you want to continue to teleport. Items lost at your own risk if you accidently click it. you can get these tickets for 30 vote points (inside the vote store of course) - Removed the rune g pickaxe from the stardust store and added the dragon pickaxe (g) it will give a 10% chance of double ores and a 10% chance of banking the ore for you! - fixed bug where you get a desktop notification when trading players. (the other person will now get it) - rewrote how shops support ironman accounts. (you should be no longer restricted with new shops that get added) - ironmen can now use the voting store! - You can now sell the following items in the g.e! Epic mystery box super mystery box pet mystery box membership scrolls wilderness caskets instakill darts 1-6 barrels (from voting store) godwars caskets - Slayer helmets now have a protection value of 1,000,000 coins - You now need to be 99ranged to equip/use insta kill darts (prevents ppl from getting 99 with the easier option :P) - All godwars bosses will now have a chance to drop Godwars Caskets at a rate of 1/128 (you can get any rare loots from the bosses from the caskets) - The crystal key chest has been re-written it will now.. give xp when opening show animations of both player and object 1/500 chance of getting the following items -- insta kill darts x5 -- super mbox x2 -- epic mbox x1 -- blue dye, red dye, white dye, yellow dye and white dye. (fashionscape ftw) -- membership scroll x1 it will now also display the amount of attempts it took to hit the rare loot table. -- charm bags and normal mboxes have been added to the regular loot table for the ckey chest. (1/12) - The slayer master now has a "point" store seperate from other rewards, right click trade and a dialogue will pop up (how to access it) - a Herb Bag has been added into the slayer point store for 25,000 slayer points. You can fill up the bag with ANY herbs and it has a max capacity of 32,000 herbs. when you "click empty" the bank will reset and all your herbs will be banked. - The slayer master now has a right click "get task" option. - Added fisherman gloves to the credit store for 599 creidts, if you wear them during fishing they give a 15% chance of banking the raw fish for you! - Revs will now give x2 loot on double drop events - more administrative commands have been added - Added this portal by the wizard, you can use it to teleport to the members area any suggestions? let me know! - 24th
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    200m Skill Cape Abilities This topic was actually suggested by Mellow, I thought I would go ahead and make a list of perks that capes could potentially have! Attack: gives 4-8% accuracy on monsters Strength: Gives 4-8% str damage to monsters Defence:Should have active that raises def level to 130 for x amount of time. Range: Should act like an accumalator and give 4-8% bonus dmg to monsters Prayer: Restore prayer points for each bone buried. Mage: Allows mage book switches between ancients, lunar, and normals. When spell is casted from that book it automatically switches back to default spells you had before the switch. Rune Crafting: Gives you x amount of pure essence within a 24hrs. Constitution: Acts like a nurse at home restores all stats once every 24hrs. Agility: Unlimited Run Herblore: Increase duration of potions by 2 additional minutes. Theiving: Gives you a chance to loot a crystal key from npc. Crafting: NO IDEA LOL Fletching:Gives you x bolt tips such as ruby bolt tips, onyx, emerald, and etc which is randomly selected with in a 24hr period. Slayer: Allows you to select your own task. Hunter: Allows you to catch multiple animals with one trap (box traps only) Mining: Gives you a chance of finding uncut onyx/dragonstone when you mine meteors. Smithing: When smithing it gives you a chance to save pieces of whatever you're smithing (should not apply to visages, hilts, or sigils) Fishing:Gives you 1-15 chance of catching those wilderness sharks (I dont know the exact name of them, but they are red and black :c) Cooking: All food has 0% chance of burning Firemaking: tinder box is not needed to light fires. Or give them the bonfire effect http://services.runescape.com/m=news/bonfires (official jagex post on bonfires from 2012) Woodcutting: Gives additional 5 logs randomly from the tree you're currently cutting Farming: Acts like magic secateurs and stacks with the secateurs in game. Summoning: Gives you a chance of saving summoning pouches or scrolls!??! Obviously these are my thought and opinions, so criticize to the fullest! I'm going back to work
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    Nice list! Something like this should be added to make those hard earned capes worth the grind haha
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    What would you think about 200m capes getting useful perks added, silimar to osrs?
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    Already suggested this to Teek a time go but never really got an answer about it.
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    Teek had mention doing something like this, but I was totally gonna put a list of potential abilities or something and see what people thought of it. It would really be a great feature to add!
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    Rendered in 480p and didn't save the project, gf. I would like to start making some videos on Empire, Vlogs of random content and attempting to Max / Comp. The quality of the next videos will exceed this seeing as I just randomly got the urge to make a video. Still trying to adjust to a new editing software and I don't have photoshop anymore so thumbnails and clip art aren't as easy anymore. Anyway, thanks for watching :P.
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    Thanks man, that's the plan. Thanks dude Appreciate that sir.
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    nice video! fuck teek freaking trollllllllll!
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    I couldn't agree more with Mellow and Rambo... Especially on the cost of items at Reaper if you die with the current player base. The ways that have already been currently mentioned seems suitable enough that nothing more than that needs to be done. Although, I'm not sure I agree with raising the price of skilling supplies in GE would be a wise decision. That would discourage players from trading skilling supplies with the rest of the community in my opinion. Great suggestions Mellow!
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    Hello players on Empire! I'm happy to announce we are hosting a competition on artwork/pictures. Information: We are looking for pictures to post on our advertisement threads on multiple RSPS forums. We are looking for the following - Unique pictures showing features of empire - Pking/Pvming/Skilling pictures - Unique gifs Prizes: 1st place - 2,000 game credits 2nd place - 1,000 game credits 3rd place - 500 game credits and a super mystery box Deadline: 12/5/2018 (12th May 2018) Please reply to this thread with your entry. You can have more than 1 entry. Good luck to anyone who enters! - Empire Administration.
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    I know this has been polled to be removed but I really like the concept of being able to reset your Kill-death ratio. I'm a pretty competitive person and I like to keep my KDR clean. Also I like to be able to note untradeable potions such as overload or the ingredients such as ground mud rune.. I wonder if this could be re-implemented @24th The wilderness count that tells you how many players are in the wilderness instead of maybe the notifications that pops up whenever someone gets a loot in the wilderness.
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    - Fixed slayer points multiplier for special events - The grim reaper now is a store for all your untradable items. You can buy selective items instead of all. - A new settings has been implementing to your "empire settings" called "FriendsChat Warnings" it alerts you in chat when people join/leave the channel (timestamp included) - Adjusted the def req for the zaros altar from 40 to 30 - Ghostly has been added to g.e unlimited stock for 75k-100k (different parts) - Unholy books - zamorsk, saradomin and guthix books has been added to the g.e unlimited stock for (300k-500k ea piece) - RFD gloves have been renamed to stuff like "barrow gloveS", "dragon gloves", "rune gloves", "adamant gloves", "mithril gloves", they have also been added to the G.E for unlimited stock. (25k - 100k ea) - Fixed bug with EP System it will no longer say "You have gained some Earning Potential!" if you're NOT risking enought to gain EP - WildyWyrm now has a 1/250 chance of dropping 2-8 instakill darts (was previous x2 1/1000) - Until the 2nd of may all bosses will now have a 1/400 chance of dropping the easter bunny pet! (super rare pet and won't be able to get after the 2nd) - A new elite achievement called "dragon slayer" has been implemented. Once you finish it, all bars (steel/iron) will be noted! - Fixed dupe exploit with the warriors guild (-.-) - Donator ranks have finally been implemented, however they are not 100% (still need to add correct icons and benefits for each rank which might take some time) the ranks are as followed Donator - 50$ Extreme - 100$ Super - 250$ Uber - 500$ However, you can still purchase a 30days membership scroll. This will give the "50$ Donator" benefits All ranks are permanent which means you don't have to keep buying membership scrolls!
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    i guess you could say these ideas are..... unique
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    Empire functions on the basis of providing members with the possibility of purchasing a membership that expires after (30) days. This rank can be obtainable with purchasing store credits Members can purchase 'credits' that can be traded ingame resulting in the ability of those who cannot physically donate or purchase membership to purchase it in means of trading players EGP ingame. Please be advised that the terms and conditions in regards to the blackmarket are heavily subjected to this form of trade between our players, please be reminded that we do not allow any type of trade that involves the utilization of sources outside of Empire (Paypal, rsgp, 07gp/RS3gp etc.) We offer multiple methods of payment which can be found ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Membership benefits Increased amount of wilderness points gained from skilling/pking. A chance of preserving glory charges. Ability to use bones on altars for increased prayer xp. Additional time added towards degradeable items. A 25% chance of receiving a noted dragon bone instead of a regular form from any dragon. Increased money gained from caskets to 80-120k. Ability to start Fight Caves at wave 30. 1/10 chance of receiving a defender instead of 1/20 keep an extra item on death! (outside the wilderness only) Double Pest Control points 1/4 chance of receiving a barrows item instead of a 1/6 1/400 chance of receiving VERY RARE loot from barrows instead of 1/500 50% chance of receiving a birds nest from woodcutting instead of 10% Receive an extra phoenix feather from hunter 30% Wilderness Point increase for kills 20% chance to keep your frozen key in godwars (when using on the door) Instanced godwars bosses Ability to have pets (such as cats, 'boss pets are f2p' store will be added soon) Nightmare zone points increase by 1.25x *Benefits and conditions are subject to change
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    jesus christ you even included the slayer helmet value which i forgot to post on the forums! thanks! keep up the work
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    these some good ass update holy crap!
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    Another 12 hours of my life to be lost to Corp... lol
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    Bro you're going on mad with these updates, absolutely loving it!
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    Nice work Teek, Wish I had more time to play!
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    Also forgot to add this.. it was requested so many times so i started working on it, will have it finished by sunday. (hopefully)
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    haha cant wait to get another divien this weekend lol
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    Rare drop table. Add the Cannonball Mould to the slayer shop for x amount of points, and only allow Cannonballs to be obtained by smithing them with the Mould.
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    What do you want changed/added? World announcement: Maxed or Completionist cape. Give Hard and Elite Clue Scroll Rewards a boost. Make sure all NPCs drop items with lots of quantities noted (Nex (Grimy Torstols)) After 30 Mining you're supposed to mine Pure Essence instead of Rune Essence all the time. Fix voting: RSPS List doesn't link to Empire voting page. Add more content for skilling to the Members Area. The client doesn't save your option for audio or graphic settings. Why do you want this to be changed/added? Some of the suggestions I named was what I did not experienced in Alotic. This will be a good addition the game, because it improves Empire. How will this help the community? Improves the game.