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  2. Closure of Empire.

    oh... so thats why it doesn't load rip guys had fun
  3. Closure of Empire.

  4. Closure of Empire.

    FUCK YOU DAD WTF :'( like.......................................... ............... ......... ................... daskl;klfdmgdsgpemhr-g0hwj kdsg;lsdkg k bai.. :'(
  5. Closure of Empire.

    Yeeeeeeeeeees Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate! Still gonna talk to you homie my new best friend oh my guiiiid! Even doe u talk about my sister!
  6. Closure of Empire.

  7. Closure of Empire.

    Rip to a legend. Mourad has been bopped.
  8. Closure of Empire.

    That fucking song link, mate. YES MAAAAAAATEEEE. RIP Empire. ;-;
  9. Closure of Empire.

    Was fun, hope everyone keeps in touch. Thanks 24th
  10. It breaks my heart to announce this but.. as for now, I can no longer continue with the progression of Empire. It really does suck it has to be this way but for now, I believe it's in the best interest that we close currently. However, we may be back in the near/late future. I still have the character files for the current server so don't panic. I'd like to thank the following people for being apart of Empire from the start until the end. Rambo - Good friend I've met through hosting RSPS and will continue to be friends with. As you say "Sometimes it be like that B" Mewtwo - Good friend I met around January through old Zonica. As you say "YESSSS MATEEEE" As for everyone else.. the list goes on but these 2 are my day 1s, who I've been close with out of everybody who played. I will still keep the forums and discord so feel free to stay in touch! Every Empire has its downfall.. nothing can last forever. Good luck to everyone reading this, I hope to speak to you in the future. Kind regards, 24th/Teek/Trey :(((( -
  11. new client 8.2.2018

    Yes, I post updates within discord instead of using forums recently.
  12. new client 8.2.2018

    down again?
  13. Empire Banner

  14. Empire Banner

    I did, I'll send through the PS files if you want
  15. Empire Banner

    if you made it i will goddamnn
  16. Empire Banner

    Open that mouth wider daddy
  17. Empire Banner

  18. you can download it here, world 1 - online world 2 - online (spawn pk) world 3 - currently offline. (my custom dev world)
  19. Back online

    down again? cant open browser or try to re-download... i get "THIS ACCOUNT HAS BEEN SUSPENDED"
  20. Empire Banner

    This is freaking great!
  21. Empire Banner

    You've got good taste sir.
  22. Empire Banner

    That is sexy if I do say so myself.
  23. Empire Banner

    Thought I'd spend some spare time playing around in photoshop again, came up with this sexy little piece.
  24. Back online

    Wildy Wyrm xoxo
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